Meet the Instructors

Tai Chi

Harvey Kurland 

Benefit from the expertise of Harvey Kurland, a skilled instructor who has studied with several tai chi grand masters. 

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Hadashi Hiraoka 

Under the instruction of Hadashi Hiraoka, you can study everything from basic judo throws to advanced strategies for competition. 

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Kevin Bash 

Meet Kevin Bash, an instructor who ensures his classes always have fun. You can learn weapon skills, self-defense strategies and earn belts with his guidance.

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Ballroom/Latin & Argentine Tango

Fook Tham 

Gain the confidence and skills to dance like a pro with the help of encouraging dance instructor Fook Tham. You will learn to move gracefully to all types of music. 

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Kevin Warner 

Elevate your karate skills with expert guidance from Kevin Warner. Students and community members say his classes are fun and challenging. 

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Youth Karate

Tai Cigar 

Tai Cigar is a nurturing, encouraging instructor who also teaches young karate students the importance of discipline, focus and respect. 

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Bree Powell 

Let hip-hop instructor Bree Powell teach you how to dance. Her classes are a great stressbuster and a perfect oppurtunity to learn new moves and make new friends.

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