Cooking Well Program

We're Cooking Well and Eating Better.

Whether you know your way around a kitchen or you don’t know how to boil water, we have a seat for you in our new SRC classroom kitchen. Our institutional kitchen is fully equipped with everything needed for our chef to help you enhance your personal wellness through any of our healthy cooking classes. So, come on in for some good eats and learn some tricks of the trade with Chef Val in one or all of our fun weekly culinary demonstrations. Space is limited, you must register at the SRC front counter.


April 5

Need I say more? In this hands-on class you will learn how to make the perfect seasoned sushi rice and make your very own rolls!


April 20

UCR’s R’Pantry provides non-perishable food for Highlanders in need. Join Chef Val in turning these basic non-perishable foods into affordable and delicious meals!


April 27

Learn how to make the perfect gluten free loaf of bread or gluten free pizza dough alternative. How about a gluten free pie crust? You can learn all that and more in this cooking demo!


May 17

Learn how to make sweet and savory Soufflés and Crème brûlées. Don’t miss out!


May 25

Brought to you by popular demand! This demo will show you how to vegan in the most tasty way.

Cool Down

June 15

Take a break from finals and stop by the SRC’s Classroom Kitchen. Enjoy some free food in this casual get together with Chef Val... you deserve it Highlander!

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