Cooking Well Program

We're Cooking Well and Eating Better.

Whether you know your way around a kitchen or you don’t know how to boil water, we have a seat for you in our new SRC classroom kitchen. Our institutional kitchen is fully equipped with everything needed for our chef to help you enhance your personal wellness through any of our healthy cooking classes. So, come on in for some good eats and learn some tricks of the trade with Chef Val in one or all of our fun weekly culinary demonstrations. Space is limited, you must register at the SRC front counter.

Gardening and Veggie Grilling

July 3
Fire up the grill for fresh vegetables straight from the garden. Learn all the tips and tricks of gardening at the SRC Sercret Garden! Follow up this educational gardening class with learning how to grill the very vegetables that the garden supplies!
Register by July 3.

It's Not That Offal

August 3
Interested in exploring wacky meats you might be missing out on? Now's your chance to come and do so! Join Chef Val for an Ofal evening that will expand your food repertoire.
Register by August 3.

Taco Tuesday

August 7
Bring your friends for a fun evening of tasty tacos sure to satisfy that savory craving!
Register by August 7.

Dog Treats: Mutt as Well

August 17
Don't leave your pooch out! Come learn easy, fun recipes to satisfy your dog and introduce them to great flavors they'll wolf down; "Mutt" as well!
Register by August 17.

Breakfast for Dinner

August 22
You read that right. Breakfast will be served and taught. Come out to this evening's demo to learn how to make a tasty spread of breakfast foods.
Register by August 22.

Missed It? Breakfast for Dinner

August 23
Missed yesterdays demo? No worries! Breakfast will be served and taught again in case you missed it the first time around. Come out this evening to learn how to make a tasty spread of breakfast foods.
Register by August 23.

Fair Food

August 31
We're bringing the fairgrounds to the SRC this summer. Enjoy homemade versions of state fair classics.
Register by August 31.

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