Become a Fitness Professional


Learn to Teach

Train to teach group fitness classes through our GFIT course. It’s geared toward exercise enthusiasts without teaching experience. Learn how to choreograph, cue and lead all types of group fitness classes safely and effectively. While this class does not provide a certification, it will prepare you for an instructor position at the SRC.


$50 for SRC members only.
(includes an information binder and aerobics CD).






Only 12 participants will be accepted! Register at Student Recreation Center front counter.

Learn more about working at the SRC.

Learn more about Group Fitness.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer Workshop

This 9 week course is designed to guide you through the ACE CPT curriculum and prepare you to sit for the ACE CPT Certification exam.
Dates: Fall and Spring quarters
Cost: Members (students only)    $50


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