How to Rent

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Before heading out on your Outdoor Excursions activity, please review all rental details below. Rates and policies are subject to change without notice.

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Rental equipment is available to anyone age 18 and over with a valid ID. UCR students must show a current UCR ID at the time reservation or rental. Non-UCR students must show a valid government-issued ID. A client can only rent two like items at a time.

When an item is checked out, it is due back to the OE shop by 6pm (closing time) the day it is scheduled to be returned. A 20% discount is given for rentals lasting four or more days. We do not charge for days the OE Shop is closed (i.e. holidays/campus closures).

Equipment rental reservations can be made in person at the OE shop (11am to 6pm), by email (, or by phone (951- 827-7040). Payment for equipment is due at the time of pick up.

A late fee (the daily rate X 2) will be charged for each day an item is overdue. We do not waive late fees. Items that are one week overdue – without communication from the renter – are considered lost. A replacement fee and any lost revenue will be assessed.

Only cancellations made by OE will result in a full refund. No refunds or credits will be made due to weather, road conditions or unclaimed/unused/early-return equipment.

The one who checked out the rental gear must take responsibility for items in his/her name. He or she is responsible for the condition of returned equipment. Should it come back dirty, wet or in poor condition, a cleaning/damage fee will be assessed. Also, each piece has been assigned an inventory number.

A replacement fee will be assessed for any lost, stolen or irreparable equipment. The OE staff will determine the amount owed. The maximum fee is the full retail value of the equipment plus any lost revenue fees.

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