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Customize Your Own Excursion

Your group can do anything from snowshoeing in Yosemite National Park to kayaking and snorkeling at La Jolla Caves. There is no experience necessary and Outdoor Excursions can accommodate groups large and small.

We currently offer trips throughout California and east into Nevada and Utah. We can also offer excursions in cooperation with universities across the United Sates. Pick the time, activity, and location and Outdoor Excursions will work with your group to determine what activity and location will best fit your needs. All logistics, transportation and instruction can be supplied by our staff, as well as most equipment at no extra cost.


Custom Excursions can be tailored to any age or experience level. Most of our excursions can be enjoyed by people older than 10 years old. Ask about programs for children younger than 10. Everyone (students, faculty, staff, and general public over 18) is welcome to participate in our regularly scheduled outings and rental program.

Below is a few of the trips Outdoor Excursions offers:

Canyoneering, San Gabriel Mountains

Let OE take you to the scenic San Gabriel Mountains for learning the basics of technical canyoneering! Explore, hike, and rappel across the beautiful canyons and mountains between Los Angeles and the Mojave Desert. Be prepared to get wet and explore great heights. Cost includes transportation, canyoneering equipment, personal gear for the trip, and knowledgeable Trip Leaders!

Canyoneering Near Zion National Park

Come explore the canyon lands with Outdoor Excursions. This trip teaches you the basics of technical canyoneering including rappelling and down-climbing in canyons. Expect to go on long hikes and get wet! Must not be afraid of heights. Trip includes transportation, camp fees, climbing equipment and trip leaders.

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Outdoor rock climbing is a mental and physical challenge anyone can attempt. A full-day venture to Joshua Tree National Park will introduce the thrill of climbing. This trip covers the basics: movement over rocks, knot tying, belaying techniques, equipment, and safety issues. Trip includes all climbing related gear, transportation and instruction. No experience is necessary!

Afternoon Climbing, Mt. Rubidoux

Outdoor rock climbing is a mental and physical challenge anyone can attempt. An afternoon trip to Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside will introduce you to the thrill of climbing. We’ll cover basic knot tying and general equipment use and safety, as well as climbing techniques. Includes climbing gear, transportation, and instruction. No experience necessary.

Mt. Hollywood and Walk of Fame

The hike is about five miles round trip, and worth it for the views of the world-famous 50-foot tall, 450-foot long HOLLYWOOD sign. We will also be treated to 360 degree views of downtown Los Angeles, and on a clear day we will be able to see Catalina Island. After our walk up Mount Hollywood, we will head to the Hollywood Walk of Fame for a quick meal and some "star" sightings. Trip includes transportation and leaders.

Hot Springs Hike

There is no better way to spend the day than soaking in natural hot springs as you gaze up at the sky. After we soak in Deep Creek Hot Springs, we will enjoy a hike back to the van, and travel back to campus. This trip is approximately 6 miles round trip. Please bring comfortable shoes! You will definitely want to add this local “hot spot” to your favorite places list. Cost includes transportation, parking fees, and trip leaders.

Earth Day Night Hike to C and Cleanup

Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment. Earth night at UCR is going to be a night hike to the “C” but with a twist. As we hike we will be picking up trash along the way, creating a clean hike to the “C”! Join OE and celebrate Earth Day! Trip includes trip leaders. Please bring water and wear running shoes or hiking boots.

Night Hike to the C

ake a study break and join Outdoor Excursions to earn your view of the campus and downtown Riverside. This historic landmark is visible from almost anywhere on the UCR campus. Come find out what it is like to look down from the C at night time! Trip includes trip leaders. Please bring water and wear running shoes or hiking boots.

Wildflower Hike, Santa Rosa Plateau

Come explore all what Big Bear has to offer! Hike through serene and refreshing trails which will leave you invigorated! The group will decide together what level of hiking is appropriate for everyone. Includes transportation, overnight stay in the Big Bear Lake House and leaders. Food is not included.

Backpacking San Gorgonio Peak

We'll take the South Fork Trail 6 miles to Dry Lake and camp. The next morning, we hike 6 miles to the summit of San Gorgonio, the highest peak in Southern California, at 11,499 feet up. Includes trip leaders, backpacking gear, transportation, and food. Please bring appropriate footwear and clothing for cold weather.

San Jacinto Hike & Exploring Idyllwild

Escape the heat and get the blood pumping on an invigorating 16-mile (round trip) hike to the summit and back. At 10,834 feet, it is the second highest peak in Southern California. Includes leaders and transportation. Please bring lots of water, lunch and snacks, and appropriate hiking footwear and a warm jacket.

Swimming Hole Hike

Deep Creek flows northward from the San Bernardino Mountains to the confluence with the Mojave River. It surges through rugged rock-ribbed canyons, tumbling and cascading among huge boulders and pausing in tranquil pools along the way. Join us as we explore this river and cool off in its swimming holes. Cost includes transportation and trip leaders.

Night Hike & Hot Springs

There is no better way to spend the evening than soaking in the Dep Creek Hot Springs after a 2.5 mile hike. You will definitely want to add this local "hot spot" to your favorite places list. Cost includes transportation, parking fees, and leaders.

Torrey Pines Hike & Exploring La Jolla

Join Outdoor Excursions on a relaxing beach hike at Torrey Pines in San Diego. This area has one of the longest stretches of natural beach in California! Explore beach cliffs and lagoons, and listen to the crashing waves. Afterward, we can check out the nearby town of La Jolla.

Costa Rica Spring Break Adventure

Excursion no longer available at this time.

Joshua Tree Astronomy Night Hike

Explore a dark tunnel through the rocks, glimpse stunning views of the valley through natural portholes, or crawl under and over boulders. Then finish off as the sun sets with a hike and stargazing. This trip includes transportation, leaders, parking, and entry fees.

Caving & Climbing Weekend, Joshua Tree

We will head into the National Park on Friday. We’ll meet and have a warm bonfire and the option of doing a short night hike. Saturday we will have a tasty breakfast and then rock climb all day, along with climbers that travel from all over the world to this famous destination. We will have the option to explore the “Cave of Winds” also know as the “Chasm of Doom,” or hike cross country to Samuelson Rocks, a homestead from the 1920’s with rock-carved political statements of the day. We will head back to UCR in the evening on Sunday. Includes meals, camping gear, some personal gear, park entry fees, camping fees, and experienced leaders.

Joshua Tree: Cave Scramble and Wild Flowers

Join us as we traverse through the gorgeous and mysterious “Cave of the Winds!” We will explore a dark tunnel through the rocks, glimpse stunning views of the valley through the natural portholes, crawl under boulders, and discover a route to the other side! And that is not all; Joshua tree lies in a region filled with massive amounts of biodiversity. Everything from cacti, fan palms, ocotillos, and junipers to coyotes, lizards, and jackrabbits can be found as we hike through the National Park. Spring is the ideal time to observe the blooming of hundreds of varieties of wild flowers. With all the rains this winter, the spring is predicted to be one of the best for flowers in recent history. Trip includes transportation and guides.

Afternoon & Night Kayaking, Mission Bay

Outdoor Excursions takes you on a relaxing paddle around Mission Bay as the sun slips behind the hills and the moon rises into the evening sky. We’ll cover basic paddling techniques and safety considerations before leaving the beach. Includes gear, wetsuits, transportation, parking and trip leaders.

Black Canyon Kayaking, near Hoover Dam

Come spend the long weekend exploring the Colorado River in the Black Canyon of Arizona by kayak. The first day, we’ll camp at Lake Mead. The second day, we will paddle *up river* and explore canyons, climb up waterfalls, cliff jump, soak in hot springs, visit a sauna cave, and kayak near the Hoover Dam! The third day, we will paddle back down river and return home. This is a thrilling adventure you’ll never forget! Trip includes transportation, leaders, 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, gear, and kayaks. Trip requires very good physical condition.

Kayaking, Lake Perris

Join Outdoor Excursions for a day of relaxation at Lake Perris State Park, only 20 minutes from UCR. We will have an introductory course for kayking teaching the basic strokes. However if you want to kayak, swim, or lounge on the beach - the choice is yours! We provide all the kayaking equipment, leaders, and transportation. Please provide your own drinks and lunch (No alcohol please).

Kayaking, Mission Bay

As we explore the waters off the coast at Mission Bay, views of dolphins, sea lions, seals and sea birds are common. We will teach you the basic paddle strokes and boating safety before heading out. After the paddle, the group can explore the La Jolla area, and grab a bite to eat before driving home.

Youth Kayaking

Outdoor Excursions takes age 13-17 youth out for a kayaking adventure! We will teach them the basics of kayaking including paddling and safety techniques. Trip includes leaders, transportation, and kayaking gear.

Whitewater Rafting on the American River

California has some of the best whitewater rivers in the world. We will head to our campsite Friday, and enjoy a Class III rafting adventure on Saturday. Trip price includes 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 1 dinner, transportation, rafting gear, group gear, personal outfitting, camp fees, and leaders.

Paddleboarding, Newport Beach

Paddle boarding is the fastest growing recreational water sport in the country! Enjoy some of the most spectacular marine life and tranquil harbor scenery that you have ever experienced. Sign up and walk on water today using a paddle board of course! Cost includes paddle board rental, equipment, transportation, and trip leaders.

Basic Scuba Course

Have you ever looked out at the ocean and wondered just what’s under there? Maybe you’ve gone snorkeling and gotten a taste of what it might be like to dive. Well, you ain’t seen anything yet! Imagine looking down through clear water as you descend to the coral-covered ocean floor. A ray glides by, and fish come up to explore you. A seal darts through the kelp forest, and along the bottom, a giant horseshoe crab scuttles along. You hover weightlessly above it and try to slow your breathing so you can stay down longer and explore.

Price includes all sections listed. Upon completion of the classroom and pool requirements you will receive a referral. With this referral and additional open water dives ($50-100 extra) you can receive a PADI Basic Scuba Certification. You will be able to schedule open water dive classes with any company that offers PADI certification.

Snorkeling & Exploring, Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a southern California treasure above and under the ocean. Travel by ferry from Long Beach and spend the weekend swimming through kelp beds, watching fish, and hiking the rolling hills. Cost includes 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners, van transportation, ferry tickets, camping and personal gear, and trip leaders.

Snorkeling In La Jolla

Cool down and head to the beaches of La Jolla with Outdoor Excursions! Here, you can swim, snorkel, or just walk on the beach. After relaxing and playing, we can explore the nearby shops or grab a snack before heading back to Riverside. We supply the snorkeling gear, wetsuits, transportation, and trip leaders.

Big Bear Snowboarding

Come join us for a relaxing weekend up in UCR's Lake House at Big Bear! Check out the video here!. We do the driving so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery. We will have the opportunity to hit the slopes and go snowboarding! We will snowboard on Saturday and Sunday, and return that Sunday. Shared-cost meals (estimated to be around $15-$20) and optional snowboarding: Includes rentals of all snowboard gear, transportation, and leaders. Lift tickets will be purchased on site and is not included in trip price.

Snowshoeing Day Hike

You'll get instructions on how to use your snowshoes before we head out into the winter backcountry. We supply the leaders, snowshoes, transportation, and hot cocoa. You supply warm clothes, a camera, and the adventurous spirit. No experience necessary. Sign up early.

Moonlight Snowshoeing At Big Bear

Discover the magic of snowshoeing under the moonlit Sky. Explore the winter landscape as few have seen it: Under the light of the moon, filtering through the trees, and reflecting off the snow! Cost includes transportation, snowshoe rental, hot cocoa and trip leaders. No experience necessary.

Snowshoeing, Overnight at the Lake House at Big Bear

Discover the winter landscape as few see it: wearing snowshoes, walking under the light of the moon filtered through the trees, and reflected off the snow. spend the night in our mountain cabin. Head out again to explore on snowshoes the next day, enjoying the songs of birds and the chirps of squirrels as you walk through the forest. Cost includes accommodations, transportation, snowshoes, and trip leaders. Food not included.

Mountain Skills Course

We will focus on best practices for snow camping, traveling in snow, avalanche safety, and othe winter specific skills. We will be based out of our Big Bear Lake House. Trip includes transportation, accomodations, instructors, food, and equipment. Proper clothing and physical fitness are required for this snow course.

Introduction to Surfing

San Clemente Pier
Southern California is a prime location for surfing! If you enjoy the ocean and have always wanted to learn to surf, this is the trip for you. You receive a ground lesson that will help you as you try to catch the waves. We supply the surfboards, wetsuits, transportation, and instruction. Enjoy the sun, the beach, the waves, and your new friends.

Whale Watching at Dana Point

Join us on a Dana Wharf Sportfishing Vessel to look for California Gray Whales on their way from the cold Arctic Seas to Baja. Their annual 5,000-mile migration takes the giant mammals past Dana Point, one of the best vantage points from which to see and photograph pods of whales and dolphins at this time of year. The boat company guarantees spotting whales and dolphins on each trip and in the unlikely event that passengers don’t, Dana Wharf issues a Whale Check, so you can come back again on your own at no charge. The ride is two hours, narrated by an experienced captain. Ninety percent of the time is spent looking for whales, dolphins, birds, and other marine life. The trip includes transportation, trip leaders, and boat fees.

Yosemite Hostel & Exploring

This is an excellent chance to visit California’s most popular national park in its winter glory, and the perfect time to visit the park without its crowds. We will set up base camp in our heated tent cabins in Curry Village and take side trips to visit the waterfalls, explore the valley and take in some great vistas. Saturday night you can ice-skate under the stars before retiring to bed. Sunday we will say good-bye to the valley. Yosemite is a winter wonderland! Trip includes transportation, group gear, trip leaders, and entry fees. Ice-skating fee not included. *This trip stays in a Yosemite Hostel. Witness beautiful waterfalls, explore the valley, and photograph some breathtaking vistas. At night you can ice-skate under the stars or attend a ranger-led presentation. Sunday we will say good-bye to the valley and then snowshoe among giant sequoias. Trip includes 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, transportation, group gear, snowshoes, personal outfitting, cabins, knowledgeable leaders, and park entry fees. Ice-skating fees are not included.

Camping & Exploring, Yosemite

Discover what Yosemite is famous for: waterfalls, meadows, giant Sequoias and massive rock faces. Beginning campers are welcome. You won’t want to miss this opportunity, so sign up early! Trip includes 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, transportation, group gear, entry fees and knowledgeable leaders.

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