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Get Your Kicks in One of Our Classes

Time to put the “physical” back into physical education. Tone and tighten up in one of our group exercise classes or tap, hula and belly-dance yourself into shape -- heck we even teach the bagpipes. Whatever your interests are, we probably have a qualified instructor who can teach you in a fun and informal setting. But don’t just take our word for it ...

  • Qualified instructors

  • Comfortable instructors

  • Offer Karate to children

  • Most classes are 18 and up

  • No experience required

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This class combines 20 minutes of any form of cardio, 20 minutes of strength training, and 5 minutes of stretching. A fun well-rounded fitness class!

Beginner Yoga

Explore the basic techniques of yoga forms (asana) to enhance your flexibility, balance, and strength. A perfect way to sharpen your mental focus and alleviate stress in the middle of the week.


Both sides utilized! Cardio, Strength, Balance and more!

Cardio Kickboxing

Integrate punches, kicks, blocks and combinations into this high intensity cardiovascular workout!  


This is where you need to start if you have never done Pilates! This class is slower paced and focuses on correct alignment, terminology, and breathing techniques. You will receive detailed instructions, individual attention, and build a solid Pilates foundation. Class pace adjusts to your level of fitness so that you may safely and comfortably improve muscle tone, balance, and control.  


A traditional cardio class utilizing step platforms and choreography to upbeat music!  

Step & Sculpt

This class incorporates 30 minutes of step and 30 minutes of strength training! 

Step Express

Step up your workout with 45 minutes of step power moves and choreography to get your heart pumping! Traditional step moves will be taught as well as high-energy, short interval bursts to maximize your results.

Total Body Toning

Looking for a fun, challenging workout that will define your muscles and balance your physique? This highly efficient, full body workout is just what you need! Define and strengthen your muscles by constantly challenging your body using weights, balls, bands, tubing, and the BOSU.


Born in the Navy SEALs, the TRX Suspension Trainer leverages gravity and the users bodyweight to enable hundreds of exercises that will develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

TRX Fusion

TRX training combined with something new each class like rowing, core work, mobility, and high intensity intervals.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a path toward creating balance and uniting opposites. Develop a balance of strength and flexibility while learning to balance your effort and surrender in each pose. Bring your attention to your breath, which helps to still the fluctuations of the mind and be more present in the unfolding of each moment.

Sunrise Pranakriya

Wake up on Tuesdays and Thursdays for this one hour class that includes breath, movement and meditation. Each class is designed to include energizing breathwork and postures that will stretch skeletal muscles, strengthen the body and encourage a sense of openness students can carry with them throughout the day.


Get your body moving with this Latin inspired workout! Fun and easy to do moves will get your heart pumping. Dance your way to a fitter you!


This 45-minute class is designed for members who want to maintain their endurance while also improving their mobility. Part of the class is dedicated to mobilizing joints and improving range of motion. The core of the class is a medium to high-intensity, interval-training based rowing workout that takes place entirely on the Concept2 rower.

Tabata Jam 

Zumba with a Tabata twist! Add a challenge to your Zumba routine with 4 minute high intensity intervals (Tabata) including burpees, squat jumps, push-ups, planks, sit ups, and so much more.


PiYo uses the very best Pilates and yoga-inspired moves and cranked up the speed to give you full throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training—all at once. You’ll use your body weight to perform a series of continuous, targeted moves, to burn fat as you redefine every single muscle. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.


Note: Beg. is taught in fall and Cont. is taught in winter and spring.

Instructor: Mike Terry 

Series starts Fall quarter and continues in Winter and Spring.Class description: Learn the rudiments of playing the Highland Bagpipe under the instruction of the Pipe Major of the UCR Pipe Band, Mike Terry. Elementary bagpipe fingering is taught on a practice chanter — a small, relatively quiet instrument that looks and sounds much like a recorder, but with fingering the same as on a bagpipe. While it might be a benefit, the ability to read music is not a prerequisite.Materials needed: A practice chanter. One will be available for sale to all participants at the first class for approximately $50, depending on the brand and type of chanter selected by the participant. All other class materials will be provided for free.

Location: SRC Demonstration Kitchen

Cost: $20 (student) $30 (non-student) 

Adult CPR/AED and First Aid

Instructor: TBA

This 6.5 hour course includes Adult CPR and instruction in the use of AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and First Aid. The $55 fee includes the participants booklet and skill card. Upon successful completion, students will receive a First Aid Certificate valid for 3 years and an adult CPR/AED certificate valid for 1 year.


Instructor: UCR Counseling Center Staff

Learn to relax, improve your focus and reduce your stress. We will utilize various forms of meditation, relaxation, visualization, gentle yoga and breathing techniques. A quiet mind can promote overall wellbeing. This is an ongoing, drop-in class co-sponsored by the SRC and the Counseling Center. Come join us and learn to silence the chatter within.


Instructor: Heather Bryga, Co-sponsored with the Women's Resource Center

Women & men ages 14 and up, learn to prevent assaults and practice how to effectively fight back in life-threatening situations. You will learn to identify dangerous situations and people, and how to defend yourself against mugging, car jacking, stalking, and rape. Classes are fun, relaxed and interactive, with lots of opportunities for questions. The physical techniques are easy to learn and are practiced to integrate them into “body-memory”. Please wear sweats or other loose, comfortable clothing. Come and see how powerful you are! The instructor, Ms.Bryga, is a black belt in Aikido and a certified rape crisis counselor. She has 12 years of experience teaching self-defense. 


Instructor: Williams

This particular class is designed to familiarize students with basic warm-ups and stretches with fun across-the-floor combinations that build technique and unique choreography that aims to express the beginner level. No prior dance experience is needed. Modern dance shoes are an option but not required. 

HIP-HOP DANCE, Beginner-Intermediate 

Instructors: Powell

This class teaches the fundamental techniques of hip-hop dance. This eight-week course will provide an introductory look into hip-hop choreography through basic- intermediate sessions. Versatility and experience are keys to becoming a better dancer. By enrolling in this class you will have the opportunity to grow in a fun and interactive environment. Please be prompt and wear comfortable clothing, no jeans please. Previous dance training is a plus but is not required. Willingness to enjoy and learn about your body is mandatory.


Instructor: Tham and Barbour

Direct from Buenos Aires – The Ultimate Dance of Nostalgia and Desire! The provocative Tango emerged following the migration of Europeans over a century ago to Argentina. Danced to the sensual music of the bandoneon, the steps evoke the yearning for companionship and comfort in a strange land. Lose yourself in the moment as we explore the passionate world of the Argentine Tango and learn the beginning steps of this unique yet universal dance. No experience and no partner are needed. 


Instructor: Tham and Barbour

Lessons are geared toward beginner and intermediate levels. Don’t have a dance partner? Not a problem. You will be taught different dance routines and techniques for both social competitive International Ballroom and Latin dancing.

Fall Quarter: 

Beginner/Intermediate Cha-Cha/Waltz

Winter quarter: 

Beginner/Intermediate Rumba/Quick step

Spring quarter: 

Beginner/Intermediate Samba/Foxtrot 


Instructor: Alexandra

Learn basic belly dancing movements, choreographies and improvisational techniques while exercising and gaining exposure to the Middle Eastern dance culture. Improve your grace, agility and confidence. No previous dance experience is needed. 

BELLY DANCE, Intermediate

Instructor: Alexandra

Continue your study in the art of belly dancing by exploring new movement combinations and improvisational techniques. Delve into the Middle Eastern belly dancing culture and history. Increase your grace, agility, and confidence. Previous belly dance experience needed.

HULA DANCE, Beginner and Intermediate

Instructor: Mendoza

Aloha, Come and learn the graceful dance of the Hawaiian hula. This class is geared for the beginner who has never danced hula. We will be dancing the hula auana, which are the modern hulas. You will learn about the musical implements used, food traditions, language, history and the culture of Hawaii through the art of hula. Students should wear comfortable clothes.


Instructor: Segovia

This salsa class will introduce you to the basics and then progress to the intermediate and advanced moves. All levels of experience are welcome. No partner is required. You will have an opportunity to meet and dance with everyone in the class. Please wear comfortable clothing and athletic footwear.


Instructor: Barrette

You don’t need a dance partner nor do you need prior dance experience to have fun and learn the basics of swing dancing! All you need to bring is yourself and a pair of flat shoes. You’ll learn the different styles of East Coast Swing, 20’s Charleston and 30’s Charleston during Winter Quarter. Continuing through Winter and Spring Quarter, we’ll be teaching Shadow Charleston, Lindy Hop, Balboa and Collegiate Shag. 


Instructor: Barbour & Tham

Because of the two popular TV series, "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC and "So You Think You Can Dance" on Fox 11, there has been an explosion of enrollment in Ballroom Dance classes across America. If you have not tried partner dancing before but have always wanted to learn this is a great opportunity for UCR students and non-students alike. International Tango was developed from the Argentine Tango into a vivid new style. Strong staccato movements and fiery poses characterize this dance. The lessons are for beginner level dancers. It may take "Two to Tango" but you do not need to bring a partner to start enjoying this great aerobic and social activity. Shall we Tango! 


Instructor: Kevin Bash

Aikido builds strength, endurance and substantial self-defense skills. Emphasis is placed on clean, precise technique, weapons skills (Jo and Bokken) and fluid Ukemi (the art of the fall or getting out of the way). Riverside Aikido is a proud affiliate of the United States Aikido Federation, West Region.


Instructor: Tadashi Hiraoka

Judo is a Martial Art form that is derived from Jujitsu and consists primarily of throws, grappling, pins, chokes and joint locks. Judo is generally compared to wrestling, but it retains its unique combat forms. Judo training emphasizes mental, moral, and character development as much as physical training. Judo provides great physical conditioning as well as the scientific principles of leverage, balance, efficiency, momentum, and control. 

KARATE, Adult, Various levels offered. See Schedule

Chief Instructor: Kevin Warner

Instructors: Kevin Warner and Nathan Scarano 

For the first time in 30 years, UCR’s internationally renowned karate program will offer world-class Karate training to all those in the greater Riverside community. Traditional Karate is a dynamic mind-body discipline that provides numerous tangible and aesthetic benefits to its practitioners. As thousands of UCR students and millions worldwide have learned, Karate is an intense and effective method of self-defense, a rigorous total body exercise, a demanding and exacting traditional art, a philosophy of life and an exciting competitive sport.

KARATE, CHILDREN, 5-18 years old

Instructor: Tai Richards

Learn confidence, self-defense and discipline in a safe, fun, and educational environment through the fundamental teachings of traditional Shotokan Karate-Do. There are opportunities for competition at local, regional, national and international levels. The Japan Karate-Do Federation is a proud member of the AAU. Yearly AAU membership is $14. Gi are available for check-out.

KARATE, Kobudo, 5-18 years old

Instructor: T. Cigar

Kobudo translated means ‘old martial ways’. Though its application is many centuries old, the items used in modern Kobudo have been employed since the early 1600s. Students will learn basic blocks and strikes with the ‘Bo’ or wooden staff through the traditional teachings of Kobudo. World and National Champion, T.Cigar. AAU membership required, $14 year for youth.


Instructor: Harvey Kurland, MSc, MFS, CSCS

 This old form of Yang Style T’ai Chi ch’uan system teaches sword, broad-sword, walking stick, and long staff. Both forms and applications will be taught. This class will focus on one of the weapons per quarter.

KUANG PING T’AI-CHI CH’UAN, Beginning-Intermediate

Instructor: Harvey Kurland, MSc, MFS, CSCS

Kuang Ping (Guang Ping) style is one of the oldest forms of Yang style and often is referred to as the Yang family secret form. It has a more masculine Yang energy to it than other Yang styles. This class is taught in a step-by-step method and includes Kuang P’ing silk reeling exercises and standing meditation. This form is more linear and done faster than the traditional Yang style. The instructor is a fifth-generation teacher of Kuang Ping style.


Instructor: Harvey Kurland, MSc, MFS, CSCS

This is a multilevel class with an introduction to the Old form of Yang Style Symmetrical 28 Form for beginners and long form for continuing students. Taught in order: ch’I kung (qigong), Long form, pushing hands, san shou application form, t’ai chi fast form, t’ai chi sword, broadsword and stick. The beginning form is low intensity and can be done by anyone who can walk. T’ai Chi is good for coordination, balance, and low intensity Aerobic Exercise and it is an internal form of kung fu. T’ai Chi is used for stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, improving balance as well ad a traditional martial art. Harvey Kurland is officially certified by the Chinese Tai Chi Chuan Association.


Instructor: Harvey Kurland, MSC, MFS, CSCS

This class teaches the symmetrical Old Form of Yang style system including Standing Meditation, O’mei Ch’i Kung (Emmei qigong) Symmetrical Long Form, Pushing Hands, San Shou Application Form, Sword and Walking stick. Hsing-I ch’uan (Xing Yi quan) and pa-kua chang (baguazhang) is also taught. The instructor is sixth-generation Yang style and is certified as Chief Instructor by the CTCCA, with more than 35 years of experience. Students must complete the first form in this series to take this class.

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