Fitness Policies

Fitness Policies

Those using the Weight Room and Cardio Gallery must adhere to the following rules and regulations:

Athletic attire is required. No jeans, medical scrubs, or swim attire.

Full length t-shirt or tank top must cover the chest and midriff. Sports bras (only), muscle tanks, or shirts altered to expose the abdominal area or ribcage are not allowed.

Shorts must be long enough to cover the buttocks and groin area.

Closed-toed athletic shoes (non-marking soles) are required. No boots or open-toed shoes.

Towel required in all fitness spaces

Wipe equipment after use.

Bags are not permitted. Personal belongings must be stored in a cubby or locker.

Closed-top bottles (water only) are allowed. No food or gum.

Do not move equipment from its location.

Re-rack all plates, dumbbells, and attachments.

Collars are required.

Chalk or grip enhancing products are not permitted.

Equipment must not be dropped from any height or leaned against walls, pillars, equipment, and mirrors.

Olympic lifting and powerlifting must be performed on platforms.

Powerlifting descents must be controlled to the floor.

Bumper plates are required on the platforms. 2.5lb and 5lb metal plates are allowed.

Only one person at a time on the platform. Lifting behind the platform is not permitted.

Do not throw balls against walls, pillars, and mirrors.

Handstand push-ups/holds on walls, pillars, and mirrors are not permitted

Spotters are recommended for all free weight exercises.

Be courteous and allow people to work in between sets during peak hours.

Observe a 30 minute time limit on cardiovascular machines during peak hours.

Personal training can only be conducted by SRC personal trainers.

Direct all concerns and maintenance issues to FitWell attendants.

Follow all staff directions.

Failure to follow these policies may result in loss of weight room privileges

Functional Training Area Policies - SRC South-2nd Floor

SRC personal trainers have priority of equipment in the functional training areas during sessions and programs.

Ball throws, handstand push-ups/holds can be performed on the designated brick wall in the functional training area.




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