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Register by CLICKING HERE. The OE Shop is located at the UCR Student Rec Center and is open Monday - Thursday from 11:00am to 6:00pm, and Friday - Sunday from 8:00am to 8:00pm .

Get your adventure on with Outdoor Excursions!

Our day trips, custom group trips and leadership programs promote lifelong learning, leadership, community building and wellness. Join us in sharing experiences, advocating for environmental awareness, and inspiring others to challenge themselves, promote sustainability, and become more responsible members of our community. Personal development through adventure – it’s our OE Mission. Connect with us at the OE Shop to get started today



special events

Discount Lift Tickets

Check out festivals, demonstrations & used gear sales. Save on lift tickets, scuba trips, purchases.


Wilderness First Aid

On JANUARY 20 - 21, Gain confidence and medical skills in the outdoors in this 16-hour certification course!


Join the Party!

On APRIL 12, try scuba diving, get free food, and have lots of fun at the SRC Pool!



Women's Excursions: Paddleboard Yoga & Meditation

Join a group of friends for a day of paddling, relaxing, stretching and getting to know each other.


OE Hangouts

Meet other outdoor enthusiasts right here on campus. Enjoy some snacks while learning new skills!



New to biking in traffic? Empower yourself to learn more - because “every lane is a bike lane!" Win giveaways and enjoy tasty snacks.

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