Leadership and Teambuilding

Become a Leader. Build Your Team.

Develop leadership skills with our Outdoor Leadership Series and Leadership Series: Life Skills workshops! Both are beneficial for OE Trip Leaders as well as future camp counselors, scout leaders and search and rescue team members. Even if you don’t plan to serve in these capacities, you will gain leadership know-how and confidence to be effective in any personal or professional role.

Everyone (age 18+) is welcome to attend. Participants will achieve the following:

  • Get to know yourself, your leadership style and your goals.
  • Increase connections, networking opportunities and friendships.
  • Build competence in teamwork and communication.
  • Gain confidence to handle challenging situations.
  • Develop transferable skills that lead to career success.
  • Be a role model, making a difference in the lives of others.

Training takes several months to complete, and a Certificate of Completion will be provided. An OE Peer Mentor will be assigned to OE Trip Leaders-in-training. Mentors will answer questions, offer resources and meet for lunch, social events and outdoor adventures.

Get Started

  • Visit the OE Shop to register for the Outdoor Leadership Series Level 2: Leader Expedition. It is offered once a year, and includes material from Level 1.
  • Upon completion of Level 2, register for Level 3.
  • If you are unable to attend Level 2 this year, you can still become an OE Trip Leader. Complete Level 1 and Level 3 now, and then fulfill the Level 2 requirement within one year of your hiring date.
  • Supplement your training with the Leadership Series: Life Skills (see the bottom of the page). 

Outdoor Leadership Series

Required for OE Trip Leaders-in-training.
Build your leadership through adventure education and experiential learning. Levels 1 and 3 are free for hired OE Trip Leaders and those in training. Level 2 is approximately $60-$100.

Take all Level 1 workshops, and earn a Certificate of Completion. Choose between two sessions of each quarterly workshop. 

Everyone is welcome!
Outdoor Leadership Series Level 1 is open to everyone age 18 and older. It’s beneficial for future camp counselors, scout leaders and search and rescue team members. Level 1 is practical for those who want to increase their safety or personal excursions. The fee is $5 per workshop. Register at the OE Shop by the day prior to each workshop. A Certificate of Completion is provided.


Take a four-to-eight-day Leader Expedition course (with the Wilderness Education Association curriculum) to Santa Cruz Island – or another wilderness location – just before fall quarter. Course completion is required within one year of your hire date. A Certificate of Completion is provided. Includes transportation, campsites, gear rental and permit costs.

Training includes:

  • Co-teaching outdoor lessons with classmates
  • Discovery of leadership styles: your own and others
  • Personal development through group interactions and reflection
  • Camping outdoors for multiple days in potentially challenging conditions
  • Kayaking, snorkeling and/or backpacking and navigation training, plus many other specialized outdoor skills
  • Working together in small teams for campsite setup, meal preparation and teaching
  • Transferable skills in challenging yourself, communicating effectively, giving and receiving feedback, group development, teamwork, leadership and reflection on experiences.

Achieve the following, and become an OE Peer Mentor for those in Level 1 and Level 2. A certificate of completion is provided.

  • Outdoor Leadership Level 2 training
  • Four to six months of leading Level 1 Leadership Workshops, Outdoor Excursions Trips, Peer Mentor Experiences, and/or LEAD (Leadership Experience Adventure Day) Trips for Outdoor Excursions
  • Positive feedback from self, peers and supervisors 



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