The Rock

The Rock

Join our community at The Rock – SRC South’s epic 32-foot-tall climbing wall and 12 ½- foot-tall bouldering area. If you're a beginner, we'll help you get started. If you're an experienced climber, we'll help you stay challenged. Each week, we change a section of The Rock’s routes – that means a whole new Rock every month! Climb during open climbing hours, learn new skills at clinics and win prizes at our quarterly climbing competitions. Most activities are free and we provide all the gear you need.

rock rules



Read The Rules of The Rock
before you climb.

Open Climbing Hours

The Rock - Roped Climbing and Auto Belay
Monday - Thursday 3pm - 10pm
Friday - Saturday 3pm - 7pm


5pm - 10pm
The Rock - Open Bouldering

Monday - Thursday 6am - 12am
Friday 6am - 9pm
Saturday/Sunday 9am - 12am

Climbing Clinics

Develop your skills climbing by joining us in any of our climbing clinics.



Take your climbing skills to the next level and compete against your peers in our climbing competitions.  

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