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Class Registration

you must register for classes in person at the front counter of the Student Recreation Center. A waiver of liability must be signed at registration. We accept cash, check, debit and Visa or MasterCard. All classes require appropriate work out clothing to participate. Denim and jeans are not allowed.


Parking for classes is in any guest lot (Lot 22, 24, 30). Parking Lot 25 (in front of the SRC) has limited parking spaces. Guest parking passes are available at the kiosk at the UCR entrance off of University Avenue and on Canyon Crest Drive off of Martin Luther King Blvd.

Dance Classes

DateDayTimePlaceInstructorUCR & Intl. Student PriceNon Student PriceCashier Code
Argentine Tango (No Class 5/26)
4/7-6/2M8:45-10PMSRC Rm. BBarbour/ Tham$20$25344
Belly Dance, Beginning
4/12-5/17S10-11AMSRC Rm. CAlexandra$38$43055
Belly Dance, Continuation
4/12-5/17S11AM-12PMSRC Rm. CAlexandra$38$43055
Contemporary Dance (No Class 4/24)
4/10-6/5R7-8:15PMSRC Rm. AWilliams$35$40288
Hip Hop Dance, Beginning (No Class 5/26)
4/7-6/2M7:30-8:30PMSRC Rm. APowell$25$30188
Hip Hop Dance, Intermediate (No Class 5/26)
4/7-6/2M8:30-9:45PMSRC Rm. APowell$25$30188
Hula Dance, Advanced (No Class 5/26)
4/7-6/2M5:15-6:30PMSRC Rm. CMendoza$30$35311
International Ballroom/Latin Dance
4/18-6/6F6:45-8:45PMSRC Rm. ABarbour/ Tham$20$25344
International Quickstep Workshop
5/11U1-3PMSRC Rm. ATham$15$20344
Salsa Dance, Beginning
4/8-5/27T8-10PMSRC Rm. ASegovia/ Hall$20$25066


DateDayTimePlaceInstructorUCR & Intl. Student PriceNon Student PriceCashier Code
Highland Bagpipe, Continuation
4/8-5/27T5:30-6:30PMConf. Rm.Terry$20$30199
Self Defense-Basic, Women/Men (Availabe to the first 50 participants)
5/21T6-9PMSRC Rm. A/ Conf. Rm.Redelsperger$0$0 
Adult and Child First Aid/CPR/AED
4/19S9AM-4PMConf. Rm.SRC Staff$55$90299
5/31S9AM-4PMConf. Rm.SRC Staff$55$90299

Martial Arts

DateDayTimePlaceInstructorUCR & Intl. Student PriceNon Student PriceCashier Code
Aikido, Unlimited
Enrolling in the Unlimited class allows attendance to all Aikido classes $52$74111 
Aikido, Weapons (No Class 4/24)
4/1-6/5TR5-6PMSRC Rm. CBash$36$48111
Aikido, Beginning-Intermediate (No Class 4/24)
4/1-6/5TR6-7PMSRC Rm. CBash$36$48111
Aikido, Intermediate-Advanced (No Class 4/24)
4/1-6/5TR7-8PMSRC Rm. CBash$36$48111
Judo, Beginning (no Class 5/26)
3/31-6/4MW7-8PMSRC Rm. CHiroaka$45$55201
Judo, Advanced **Approval Required** (No Class 5/26)
3/31-6/4MW7-9:30PMSRC Rm. CHiroaka$75$85201
Karate, 5-18 years, All Levels **Session 1** (no Class 4/24)
4/1-4/22TR6-7PMSRC Rm. BTai$55$60222
Karate, 5-18 years, All Levels **Session 2**
4/29-5/22TR6-7PMSRC Rm. BTai$55$60222
Karate, 5-18 years, All Levels **Session 3**
5/27-6/19TR6-7PMSRC Rm. BTai$55$60222
Karate, Adult, Beginning **Beginners Only**
4/8-6/5TR8-9PMSRC Rm. BWarner$45$55177
Karate, Adult, Unlimited
Allows attendance to all Adult Karate classes$94$138
Karate, Adult, Intermediate (No Class 4/24)
4/1-6/12TR7-8PMSRC Rm. BWarnerIncluded from Karate, Adult, Unlimited177
Karate, Adult, Intermediate/Advanced **Approval Required** (No Class 4/24)
4/1-6/12TR12:30-2PMSRC Rm. BWarnerIncluded from Unlimited177
Karate, Adult, Kata
4/4-6/13F6:30-7:45PMSRC Rm. BWarnerIncluded from Unlimited177
Karate, Adult, Sparring
4/5-6/7S9:30-11AMSRC Rm. BScaranoIncluded from Unlimited177
Tai Chi Chuan, Weapons and Applications Class
3/31-5/19M7-8:30PMSRC Rm. BKurland/ Mummerl$62$78144
Tai Chi Yang Style, Beginning **Combined with Advanced Class**
4/2-5/21W7-8PMSRC Rm. BKurland/ Barrett$56$72144
Tai Chi Yang Style, Beginning/Continuation (No Class 5/26)
3/31-4/30MW11:10AM-12PMSRC Rm. CKurland/ Casey$59$75144
5/5-6/4MW11:10AM-12PMSRC Rm. CKurland/ Casey$59$75144
Tai Chi Yang, Advanced
Session 1
4/2-4/23W7:15-8:45PMSRC Rm. BKurland/ Barrett$29$36144
Session 2
4/30-5/21W7:15-8:45PMSRC Rm. BKurland/ Barrett$29$36144
Session 3
5/28-6/18W7:15-8:45PMSRC Rm. BKurland/ Barrett$29$36144
Tai Chi Walking Stick Workshop
4/6U1-3PMSRC Rm. BKurland$24$32144
T'ai-chi Chien (taijijian) Straight Sword Intensive #1
5/18U1-3PMSRC Rm. BKurland$24$32144
Tai Chi Chien (jian) Straight Sword Intensive #2
6/8U1-3PMSRC Rm. BKurland$24$32144
M=MONDAY, T=TUESDAY, W=WEDNESDAY, R=THURSDAY, F=FRIDAY, S=SATURDAY, U=SUNDAY. Ab Attack videos are available for purchase at the SRC. SRC Rms. = Student Recreation Center, Multi-Purpose Rooms.
The SRC will be closed on 5/26.

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