Activity Classes

Practice judo throws, salsa moves, and karate kicks in our fun recreation activity classes. Learn from expert instructors in classes suitable for all levels. Don’t forget, you can register in person at the SRC front counter or online. 

ATTENTION: Everyone (students, SRC members, non-SRC members) interested in registering for an activity class must sign a liability waiver.
All classes require appropriate workout clothing. Jeans are not allowed.


General Class Information

Non-credit courses are designed to teach skills that an individual can use during leisure time. Classes are taught by qualified instructors who have special skills they wish to share. Course fees cover instructor’s salary and most supplies. If you are interested in teaching a class or have ideas about new classes, we encourage you to drop in and see us or contact Rose Edmonds at

You may register for classes online or at the front counter of SRC North and South. All fees are paid at the Student Recreation Center and each class has a separate fee structure depending on the nature and cost of the class. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover cards. All classes have a minimum and maximum number of participants required, depending on the type of class.

Enrollment is based on payment of fees and is on a first come basis. Class will be closed after the maximum has been reached and cancelled 48 hours before the first class session if the minimum is not met. For information on specific classes, please contact us at (951) 827-5731.

NOTE: No refunds on activity classes unless the class is cancelled by the Recreation department.

What People Are Saying

Our program strives to make life-long positive impacts on your health and well-being.

  • Hip Hop with Instructor Bree Haro

    I learned dance from you. Then my sons started to learn. That is Influence of your amazing class.

    - Anonymous


  • Self Defense with Instructor Craig Redelsperger

    You taught me lots of valuable things for the rest of my life. I want to thank you again I appreciate it.

    - Anonymous


  • Tennis with Instructor Chloe Kim

    Her class helped me improve my skills and I have to say that her teaching style is so effective.

    - Anonymous


  • Judo with Instructor Brian Money

    Instructors are great! Love the judo team at UCR!

    - Anonymous


  • Tai Chi with Instructor Harvey Kurland

    Many thanks for continuing to offer such wonderful Tai Chi.

    - Anonymous