Returning to the SRC

The UC Riverside Recreation department has adapted to the challenges of COVID-19, and we are implementing policy changes to help you have a safe fitness experience.

Attention: Due to the surge of Covid-19 cases, our tennis courts are closed until further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to open as soon as we can. Follow us @UCRSRC for more updates. 


Due to the surge of Covid-19 cases, our tennis courts are closed until further notice.

Follow us @UCRSRC for more updates.

Access is as Easy as 1-2-3

Our members are our top priority and that is why we are introducing new technology, strict cleaning procedures and social distancing protocols to support the health and well-being of all Highlanders. We've worked hard during the campus closure to develop a comprehensive plan to reopen the SRC in stages. We feel confident at this stage to reopen our tennis courts to all UCR students. In order to gain access to the Student Recreation Center's tennis courts, please follow the steps below:



Download the UCRSRC app

Developed exclusively for Highlanders, the UCRSRC mobile app provides you with all the features you need for a rewarding fitness and well-being experience. Use our app to review our latest Rec Guide, book your access, and utilize our new touchless check in system. 

Download the UCRSRC app from the Apple or Google Play Store and Rec It today!



Book Your Access
Book Access

Areas within the SRC are open to limited capacity. We are taking careful actions to facilitate physical distancing and to give you a little extra breathing room during your fitness experience.

Book your access to the SRC by tapping the "Book Your Access" button on the UCRSRC mobile app or by clicking the button below. You can only book your access two days in advance and space is subject to availability.

Note: If you are booking your access for the first time, you may be prompted to complete our online waiver. Please complete this one-time waiver prior to booking your access request. You may also proactively complete the waiver by tapping the "Access Waiver" button on the UCRSRC mobile app.



Access the SRC

Accessing the gym has never been easier! With our new touchless entry system, you can easily check in at the front counter by scanning your Member ID. Simply launch the UCRSRC mobile app and tap the "Member ID" button. 

Avoid unnecessary contact and begin reinvesting in your physical fitness journey.



Tennis Court Reopening Guidelines

Protocols are in place to keep players safe and healthy on our tennis courts. Please help us stay safe by following our guidelines.

  • Overview and Protocols

    A reservation in advance (two days at most) is required to use the SRC tennis courts and a cleaning/sanitation period is scheduled between each reservation time period.

    Reservations are for a 90-minute period with 30 minutes afterwards to clean/disinfect before the next reservation period begins.

    There are eight courts total; two banks of three courts and one bank of two courts, however reservable courts are socially distanced so that there are no users on adjacent courts leaving five courts available per each 1.5-hour session.

    For each bank of three courts the middle court must remain vacant.

    For the bank of two courts only one court is available.

    Singles play only, no doubles. A maximum of 10 players are accommodated per 1.5-hour session.

    No walk-ins are allowed.

    No guests are allowed.

    Check-in occurs at the SRC South Front Service Counter. Access to the rest of the SRC South is not permitted and is cordoned off.

    Restrooms in SRC South are available, however locker or shower use is not permitted.

    All water fountains are cordoned off from use.

    All benches are cordoned off from use.

    Touchless hand sanitizing stations are provided by Recreation at each reservable court.

    All gates to the courts are to remain open and unlatched to minimize touch points for users.

    Restrooms are disinfected regularly by SRC staff with EPA List N approved disinfectants.

    High touch points are disinfected regularly with EPA List N approved disinfectants.

  • Prior to Play

    All players must complete the UCR Daily Wellness Check before arriving. Any player feeling any symptoms of COVID-19 should remain at home.

    Per CAL OSHA guidance, face coverings are required when arriving and leaving the SRC. They are not required during play.

    Per CDC guidance, players are encouraged to bring their own equipment including racquets, balls, towel and face coverings.

    Players should not share tennis equipment.

    Wash your hands with soap and water (for 20 seconds or longer), or use a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available, before going to the court.

    Clean and wipe down your equipment, including racquets and water bottles.

    Do not share racquets or any other equipment such as wristbands, grips, hats and towels.

    Bring a full water bottle as the water fountains and hydration stations are cordoned off.

    Use new balls and a new grip, if possible.

    When not actively playing, please adhere to all proper personal protective equipment (PPE), face mask protocols and social distancing.

    If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or upper sleeve.

    Arrive no sooner than 10 minutes prior to your reservation.

    Avoid touching court gates, fences, benches, etc.

    No spectators allowed.

  • Recommended - Use Four or Six Balls
  • During Play

    Stay at least six feet apart from other players. Do not make physical contact with them (such as shaking hands or a high five).

    Only singles play is permitted. No doubles.

    Avoid touching your face after handling a ball, racquet or other equipment. Wash your hands promptly if you have touched your eyes, nose or mouth.

    No handshakes, high fives, fist pumps, chest bumps, huddles, group celebrations, etc.

    Please use the restroom at home before you leave. Bathrooms are open but the shower & locker rooms are closed.

    Avoid sharing food, drinks or towels.

    Use your racquet/foot to pick up balls and hit them to your opponent. Avoid using your hands to pick up the balls.

    Players should stay on their side of the court and avoid changing sides during match play.

    Remain apart from other players when taking a break.

    If a ball from another court comes to you, send it back with a kick or with your racquet.

  • After Play

    Wash your hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer after coming off the court.

    No extra-curricular or social activity should take place.

    No congregation after playing.

    All players should leave the facility immediately after play.

  • SRC Tennis Courts Map