Rec Governing Board

The Recreation Facilities Governing Board is an advisory board to the Chancellor and is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students. The board is charged with oversight of operational policies and approval of the annual budget and facility usage fees.

Other responsibilities include representing student concerns, issues and ideas to the Recreation Department administration, and to serve as a liaison to ASUCR and GSA on matters relevant to campus recreation.

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Our Board Members


Brendan Rooks

Position: Chair

Major: Double Major - Political Science and Public Policy

Quote: "The SRC is a great resource for our students as it provides us with an opportunity to explore multiple activities in a way that fosters community. The SRC's diverse offerings creates an inclusive environment wherein students can explore the various recreation activities that the SRC has to offer."

Kylee Sanchez

Position: Vice Chair

Major: Political Science

Quote: "The Rec center can be considered my sanctuary on campus! From being able to work out in the mornings to using the napping pods and massage chairs before I head into work to rock climbing with my friends between classes, I have found the Rec center to satisfy both my physical and mental needs. I got involved with RGB due to my experience working and using the gym since I was a freshman, and wanting to use my perspective as a student, gym goer and worker for some of the issues that arise and affect gym patrons. I also found the RGB as a platform to make improvements and additions to the gym that will benefit various groups of students so that the gym can be inclusive to all UCR students!"

Joe Valdez

Position: Executive Secretary, Graduate Student Member

Major: Neuroscience

Quote: "The SRC is an amazing place to get your whole life in shape. From their wide variety of fitness equipment, to the guided classes in yoga, or even cooking. The SRC has resources to help anyone at UCR make healthier choices. I got involved with the RGB to help continue pushing for a healthier lifestyle for UCRs diverse community of students, staff, and educators."

Shayan Khan

Position: Undergraduate Student Member

Major: Political Science

Quote: "I love the SRC because it allows students to unwind from the stresses of college. I enjoy the Group Fitness classes and hope my that role on the RGB helps create new ways to make the SRC more enjoyable, accessible, and engaging for all members. "

Hazel Lee

Position: Undergraduate Student Member

Major: Business Management

Quote: "I love the SRC because it provides endless opportunities to switch up my workout routine. I’m involved with RGB to make positive changes and improve everyone’s SRC experience."

Jamielou Cortes

Position: Undergraduate Student Member

Major: Business Administration, Management

Quote: "Both as an active patron and employee, I'd have to say what I love most about the SRC is the resourceful and uplifting environment we encompass. Here, I strive to help each individual nurture their well-being (physically, mentally, and socially)."

Jenny Yun

Position: Undergraduate Student Member

Major: Business- Concentration in Marketing

Quote: "I love the SRC because there are so many things everybody can do. It’s a place where I can go to after class to unwind and workout."

Vivek Bhatt

Position: Graduate Student Member

Major: M.D. Candidate

Quote: "I love the SRC because it is a place where I can take a break from studying and instead focus on being mentally and physically healthy while having fun! The many weight training options and several basketball courts are my favorite parts of the SRC. "

Courtney Wood

Position: Graduate Student Member

Major: Neuroscience PhD

Quote: "I'm extremely passionate about mental, physical, and spiritual health. I love using the SRC for my Olympic and powerlifting training. Being a member of the RGB allows me to advocate for other graduate students who are excited about fitness. "

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