If you’re a UCR student, you’re already a member! The cost of your gym membership is included in your UCR tuition, which dates back to two student referendums passed in 1989 (currently adjusted to $20 per quarter) and in 2010 ($159 per quarter). We are conveniently located on campus and offer a wide array of amenities and services.

For further information, please contact Kim Stotts-Sanchez at

Note: The Student Recreation Center referendum fee is not optional. Opt out waivers or refunds are not available. All matriculated UCR students (undergrad & graduate alike) pay the $179.00 per quarter SRC fee. This dates back to two separate referendums, voted on and passed by students in 1989 (SRC North) and in 2010 (for the SRC Expansion).

Membership Types

Note: You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for an associate or guest membership pass. 

Principal Memberships Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Cost
Students $179 per quarter (Paid thru your tuition)
Summer only: non-enrolled matriculated students day pass rate is $5.
Faculty/Staff $179 per quarter or $59.66 per month payroll deduct (active employees only) or $5 per day.
UC Alumni or UCR Alumni Association Member (UCR graduate) $179 per quarter or $59.66 per month or $5 per day.
International Students (IEP Extension) $179 per quarter or $59.66 per month or $5 per day.
Associate Memberships Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Cost
An Adult who is Sponsored by a SRC Member $179 per quarter or $59.66 per month.
Legal Spouses of any Principal Member $89.50 per quarter or $29.83 per month.
Guest Memberships Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Cost
Non-UCR affiliate (sponsored by a SRC Member) $5 per day (valid the entire day for the SRC).
UCR affiliate (eligible to become a SRC Member) $5 per day (valid the entire day for the SRC).

Faculty/Staff Memberships

For UCR faculty and staff, joining the SRC is easy. Simply stop by the front counter of SRC north or south to process your membership. If you select to join by payroll deduction, fill out one short form and you’re good to go. Payroll deduction is a month-to-month membership, ongoing until canceled by you. To cancel, come into the SRC to fill out a cancelation form or you may email requesting to cancel your membership. 

A membership costs $179.00 for the entire quarter or $59.66 monthly, and is valid for 30 days from first day of your membership. Another option, which is perfect for occasional use, is paying the $5.00 daily guest fee. The only memberships prorated daily are all quarterly memberships paid for at the front counter. 

Additionally, principal members are eligible to sponsor an associate member for $59.66 per month or spouse member (proof required) for $29.83 per month. You may add an associate/spouse member through your payroll deduction or by paying at the SRC front counter. Membership payment is accepted at the SRC front counter by credit or debit card anytime during our business hours. 

UC Recreation Reciprocity Program

Have you heard about “Reciprocity?” It’s actually a cool way to take advantage of the recreation departments at all of UC’s campuses. Your valid ID card works at gyms at UCLA, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, UC Davis and UC Merced. Best of all, it’s already included in your quarterly membership dues. And during the summer, if you live near another UC campus, you can join their facility by paying that campus’s summer rate. From San Francisco to San Diego, the UC Reciprocity program has you covered.

When traveling to other UC’s, faculty & staff who are members of UCR’s SRC may request a “Recreation Member Guest Pass” for use at any UC Recreation Center. Please contact Kim Stotts-Sanchez at for more information regarding the UC Reciprocity Program.