If you’re a UCR student, you’re already a member! The cost of your gym membership is included in your UCR tuition, which dates back to two student referendums passed in 1990 (currently adjusted to $20 per quarter) and in 2010 ($149 per quarter). We are conveniently located on campus and offer a wide array of amenities and services.

For further information, please contact Kim Stotts-Sanchez at

NOTE: The Student Recreation Center referendum fee is not optional. Opt out waivers or refunds are not available. All matriculated UCR students (undergrad & graduate alike) pay the $169.00 per quarter SRC fee. This dates back to two separate referendums, voted on and passed by students in 1989 (SRC North) and in 2010 (for the SRC Expansion).

Membership Types

ATTENTION: Because of COVID, only continuing students, faculty and staff are eligible for access.
- Spring quarter students may access the SRC until June 30.
- UCR Students must come into the SRC to purchase a summer access pass.

Principal Memberships Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Cost
Students $169 per quarter (Paid thru your tuition)
Summer only: non-enrolled matriculated students day pass rate is $5.
Faculty/Staff $169 per quarter or $56.33 per month payroll deduct (active employees only) or $5 per day.
UC Alumni or UCR Alumni Association Member (UCR graduate) $169 per quarter or $56.33 per month or $5 per day.
International Students (IEP Extension) $169 per quarter or $56.33 per month or $5 per day.
Associate Memberships Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Cost
An Adult who is Sponsored by a SRC Member $169 per quarter or $56.33 per month.
Legal Spouses of any Principal Member $84.50 per quarter or $28.16 per month.
Guest Memberships Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Cost
UCR affiliate (eligible to become a SRC Member) $5 per day (valid the entire day for the SRC).

40 Day Visits for $80

  • Available to all UCR students, faculty and staff
  • 40 for $80-day visits are only sold beginning 6/21/21 through 8/31/21
  • Unused passes do not expire, they will stay in your recreation account for future use
  • Payable at the SRC south front counter, we accept credit, debit and apple pay
  • Entitles the student, faculty or staff to use SRC facilities, which are currently open
  • Day visit is valid the entire calendar day and same day re-entries are permitted
  • Passes are not transferable to another person, only the purchaser may redeem them

Graduate Student Summer Membership $14.00

  • Available only to UCR graduate students who are not able to enroll in summer classes but who must remain on campus for research and other academic responsibilities during the summer from June 21 through September 19
  • Payable at the SRC south front counter, we accept credit, debit and apple pay
  • Proof of graduate student status is required
  • This membership is only available during the summer quarter when UCR graduate students’ fellowship and grant funding is not generally available.
  • This membership was the result of a collaboration between GSA, ASUCR and the Recreation Governing Board to respond to the unique needs of UCR graduate students on campus.

Faculty/Staff Memberships

Payroll deduction membership is available to all UCR faculty and staff. To register for SRC payroll deduction membership, please come to the SRC south (beginning 6/21/21) to complete a payroll deduction authorization form. The cost is $56.33 per month, and will be automatically deducted from your bi-weekly or monthly pay. The SRC payroll deduction membership is ongoing, with no expiration date. You may cancel your membership at any time by completing a cancelation form at the SRC or by emailing to request your membership cancelation. Please include the date you would like your membership to end. The SRC membership fee is an after-tax deduction. 

NOTE: UCR Staff and Faculty may purchase an SRC membership through the UCRSRC mobile app or by clicking the button below.

UC Recreation Reciprocity Program

This program is being evaluated to see if it can still continue post-pandemic given uncertainty around health requirements. Please stand by for more information.