Chair Massage


Treat yourself to a free chair massage every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Available only to SRC members and students.

Located on the second floor of SRC South, sign up for Your Free 10 Minute Massage Online or at the SRC Front Counter.

Note: The SRC chair massage is a free service available to UCR students and SRC members only. One session per day and a maximum of three sessions per month is permitted. Appointments must be made online or at SRC front counter prior to each day, and members must be present to receive their massage. It is the members’ responsibility to be present at their scheduled massage time. If the member is not present at their scheduled time, the next member present will be placed on the standby list and will receive a massage. Cancellations must be made at least 4 hours prior to the members’ scheduled massage. One massage session is 7-10 minutes long, but can vary. Length is based on the number of participants and at the discretion of the massage therapist. The last session will begin at 7:50pm. Please remain quiet and respectful while massage is in progress. Failure to follow these policies may result in loss of SRC privileges.

Chair Massage


SRC members and eligible non-members can purchase a one 30-minute chair massage at the Student Rec Center. Non-members must be eligible for SRC membership to participate in 30-minute chair massage. See Memberships page for more information.

To schedule a massage, visit the SRC front counter to complete a new client packet and register. A chair massage therapist will contact you within one week to schedule your session. SRC members pay $35, Eligible non-members pay $45.