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Fit For Hire

ATTENTION UCR DEPARTMENTS AND STUDENT ORGS! Host a fitness class or chair massage session at your location! Our Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors can teach classes and workshops to your department, club, or organization. We will design and carry out workout routines specific to your needs based on your schedule. Our massage therapist can even hold chair massage services at your desired location!

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Let our fitness staff or masseuse arrive at your department's or groups's next staff meeting/teambuilding event! We provide the best service, equipment and instruction!

Popular Fit for Hire classes include Zumba, Total Body Toning, How to Begin a Workout Program, Yoga and Mindfulness, 15 Minute Staff Meeting Stretch Breaks, and the list goes on!

$50 for FitWell classes and $85 for Chair Massage Services (FAU payment is available for departmental purchases).