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Reach your fitness goals faster. Our certified personal trainers can design an inspiring personalized fitness program just for you. You can train one-on-one or with a small group. Whether your goal is weight loss, stress reduction, increased strength or overall wellness – our trainers can help. Benefit from their motivational power and expert advice on exercise, nutrition, flexibility, strength training and more. 

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Whether you’re looking to simply get healthier or get into a specific fitness activity, we will match you with a personal trainer who will help you reach your fitness goals. For questions or more information, please contact



Evelyn Altamirano

Education/Certifications: BA in Sociology with a concentration in Medicine, ACE personal trainer certification and American Red Cross CPR/AED certification.

Specialty: Strength training, sports performance, endurance and functional fitness.

PT michelle

Michelle “Michee” Driotez

Education/Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and American Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED certified

Specialty: Olympic weightlifting, strength and weight training, sports specific training, weight loss and stamina/endurance.


Alexander Lashkari

Education/Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer and American Red Cross CPR/AED Certifications

Specialty: Strength training, sports performance and bodybuilding.

PT michelle

Daniel Long

Education/Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer and American Heart Association CPR and AED

Specialty: Strength training, sports performance, bodybuilding, weight loss, flexibility and mobility.

PT Faith

Faith Magistrado

Education/Certifications: AFAA - Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT), Holistic Nutritionist, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Weight Management Consultant, and American Red Cross - First Aid/CPR/AED

Specialty: I love working one-on-one with clients through personal training, life coaching, and nutrition counseling, consulting, and education. I truly enjoy teaching a wide range of diverse group populations in various fitness settings and environments.

PT David

David Popko

Education/Certifications: AAFA certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, UCanRow2 certified Rowing Instructor, NSC CPR and First Aid certified, M.Sc. Entomology, B.Sc. Biological Sciences, and A.Sc. Respiratory Therapy

Specialty: Strength training, sports performance, bodybuilding, weight loss, flexibility and mobility.

PT Sherry

Sherry Sereg

Education/Certifications: AFAA Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness, W.I.T.S. Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition "Health Coach", and 2nd Degree Black Belt

Specialty: Working with clients who want to become Fit "healthy" and don't know were to start and ready for the next challenge! Through enthusiasm, encouragement and the love of Fitness TOGETHER helping clients reach their fitness endeavors!