Lockers & Towels


The SRC offers lockers for your personal use, keeping your belongings safe while enjoying the SRC. Full size, quarter size, half size, and ADA (reserved for those that meet qualifications) lockers are available for day use only on a first come, first serve basis.

Locker rooms are located in both SRC South and North for your convenience. In addition, there is a gender neutral locker room located in both buildings.

You may purchase a MASTER lock at the SRC front counter to secure your items.

Note: The Recreation department is not responsible for items left overnight. Lockers are for day use only and overnight locks will be cut and discarded. Contents from overnight lockers will be placed in lost and found.

Lost and Found

The UCR Recreation department is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Lost and found items may be turned in to the Student Recreation Center's front counter. These lost items (R'cards, credit cards, jewelry, mp3 players, cell phones, keys, etc.) are stored in a secure location at the SRC and can be claimed after providing a detailed description of the item to the SRC front counter staff.

For questions regarding lost and found items please contact us at, (951) 827-5738.


Our towels are cleaned daily and we take pride in making sure every member gets a clean towel.

Towels are required in the weight room and cardio areas! Workout size towels are available free of charge for you to use while at the SRC, just pick one up at any of the designated towel carts. Larger towels are also available free of charge for those that need one for swimming in the pool or taking a shower in the locker rooms.

No excuses! Visit the UC Riverside Student Rec Center and grab a towel for your workout today!

Note:  The use of SRC towels are free, but they are not to be removed from the SRC. After use, please place your towel in the proper towel bins located throughout the SRC.