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Camp Highlander offers extensive selections of both outdoor and indoor activities as well as sports. We provide a broad academic focus combining fun and engaging activities with elements including physics, mathematics and botany. These highly captivating camps and activities share a common philosophy of encouraging good choices and fostering a healthy lifestyle among kids. Furthermore, the programs promote diversity and a love for the outdoors. The important developmental skills that are taught include teamwork, leadership, adaptability, flexibility, conflict resolution, brainstorming, attention-span, resilience and confidence, to name just a few. These soft skills are taught through climbing, swimming, hiking, camp games, team play, dance, karate and so much more.


Dear Camp Highlander community,

It’s with a heavy heart and sadness that I must tell you we are unable to host camp this summer. The challenges we face working towards reopening, not just as a department but as a campus, are considerable. The Recreation Youth Programs team has looked at every possibility to host camps in some form this summer and we just can’t find a safe or functional path towards this goal. One of our biggest challenges is the depletion of our programming team as we have only 10 percent of our original student team left due to graduation and/or new opportunities. We now need to rebuild the team and programs before we can host safe and structured camps, which sadly will not be in place by summer. Additionally, our campus collaborators are not in position to support us just yet meaning many of the activities that form the basis of our camps would not be available this summer. We plan to speak with our academic partners about continuing our free virtual programming through the summer months for our families. Whilst this can’t replace the magic camp offers, we hope that it engages our community positivity and warmly. I work very closely with the American Camp Association (ACA) who support our camps in safety and engagement. Below is a search engine through their website that helps families locate camps within their local and further afield areas. Myself and the UCR Recreation team truly hope you can find a camp this summer for your family.

Thank you for being a great community and for supporting UCR Recreation and Camp Highlander. I look forward to the time when we can meet again at camp and see our kids and teens interact and develop once more. Camp Highlander will return.

Best wishes,
Carl Dugdale
Youth Programs Coordinator


Our camps and programs are attached to a framework that teaches and shapes interdisciplinary skills (soft skills) to the kids we work with.

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Camp Highlander offers activities and instruction that are fun, engaging and educational for all age groups. 

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“The camp was just as great as last time for my kids. I know it made a big impact in my two nieces who are normally very shy and closed in. My youngest niece came home and said I made a friend Auntie. So thank you. They also learned a lot of teambuilding.”

– Camp Highlander Parent